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If you are a UCL Student who wishes to book space, we have two Music Practice Rooms that are bookable for up to 6 hours a week per student. Please see the timetable link below to check availability and contact the Reception to book.

Students Union UCL Club and Society Presidents may book our rooms from the beginning of each term. This includes all meeting rooms in the Clubs & Societies Centre, IOE Union space and the Lewis Building. We also have direct booking access to a select few larger UCL spaces during term (limited hours-see timetable for details). To book rooms, please ring the Studnet Activities Reception on 0207 679 7239 or visit them in person.

Please be sure to check all room bookings in advance throughout the term as each weeks timetable can vary for operational reasons.

The Term Three Timetable is now up and live. New bookings will not be added until Reception reopens on Monday 23 Arpil. If you have a block booking, and something is incorrect or you would like to amend some dates please contact the Student Activities Reception via email, or phone on 020 7679 7239. If you are a member of UCL Staff and wish to enquire about booking space with the Union, please contact the Student Activities Reception to discuss in more detail.

Term Three Timetable

Although rooms are planned and allocated over the Holidays for the following term, individual bookings may be subject to change for operational reasons.

Any issues with room bookings should be reported to the Student Activities Reception immediately.

If you do not turn up, damage, leave a room in a poor state or are late for 3 bookings you will lose any future bookings for a full academic term.

Sound Proof Room B08, Lewis Building

The Sound Proof Room in the Lewis Building can be booked by members of Live Music Society only. You can view the timetable on the link below. Saturdays are reserved for restricted access members only. Bookings enquiries should be by email to

Timetable Term 3

Film Studio, Bloomsbury Theatre Building

You can request to book the Film Society Studio via UCL Film Society website:

Studio Bookings Term 3

Deposits and access cards can be paid for and collected from Clubs & Societies Centre Reception, 2nd Floor, Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street. 

Book a Union bar

Use this form to request the use of a Union-managed bar for your club or society (Phineas, Print Room Cafe or Mully’s).

Book a College(Central UCL) room

Club and Society Presidents and Network Chairs can book UCL rooms online by logging into the UCL Room Booking system. This usually goes live from early October Term 1. You can usually only book a room for the term you are in, not a future term.

If your event will have an external speaker, you will need to complete an external speaker form and email it to .

You should also use this form if you would like to request permission for:

  1. An external speaker (non-UCL Staff or Student)
  2. A film screening 
  3. Extra AV equipment for your event (speakers, microphones, projectors etc)

Please note: UCL AV Equipment is not and cannot be supplied to the following rooms:
North Cloisters, South Cloisters, Lower Refectory, Front Quad, South Quad and the South Junction.

Student’s Union UCL Sports Halls

Student’s Union UCL allocates training slots at the following facilities:

  • Astor College Sports Hall (Terms 1,2 and 3)  *Unfortunately, Astor College will be closed from 27 June until summer 2018 refurbishment. The sports hall will not be accessible or available for booking during this period*
  • Bloomsbury Fitness Centre (Terms 1,2, 3 and over the Summer)
  • Somers Town Community Sports Hall (Terms 1 and 2)

Incoming Sports Club Presidents & Treasurers, who are current users will be contacted with facility information over the Summer, after you have recieved your Club and Society Training,

Space will be allocated as fairly as possible, and you will be notified which facility and time you have been allocated before the start of the incoming academic year.

Any remaining free slots will then be offered out to all sports clubs.

There is no charge for hiring Student’s Union UCL Sports Halls to clubs during the times outlined above.

Book the Studio, Dojo/multipurpose room, Spin Area in the Bloomsbury Fitness

(during term time)

  1. Download Bloomsbury Fitness Timetable from
  2. Look for a suitable available slot on timetable (Studio is only available in mornings 9-11am, 2-4pm during some weekdays and 4-6.30pm on weekends for one off sessions).  The Dojo/Multi purpose room is used for squash when there is no class or CSC bookings. The class will need to
  3. The President or Treasurer of the club can request the room by emailing Yogi Kansagra (Bloomsbury Fitness Manager) and Cc Katie Sykes/Bikram Bains. Please specify if booking is one off or weekly.
  4. The day fee of £3.50 per person (student rate) will need to be paid by attendees if they do not have long term membership with Bloomsbury Fitness. Please inform attendees to arrive 10 minutes prior to class if they are not members of the BF as they will need to register first.

Please note: there may be some further considerations that may come to light at the time of booking.

Need to book an external venue?

This involves some more info, but you can find the pages you need, below:

Booking an external sports facility

Booking all other external venues

External Speakers

All requests for external speakers to be approved must be submitted 10 working days in advance of the event. If this deadline is not met, UCLU reserves the right to cancel your event.

All External Speakers must be given this document to read before they attend any UCLU events.

For further Information on UCLU’s external speaker policy and freedom of speech on campus please download this document.

Access and Equality at our Events

  1. UCL’s general expectation is that any event or meeting held in UCL premises will be open to all, regardless of gender. There are exceptions to this (for example training sessions of men’s and women’s sports clubs), but events should be open to all unless they are specifically designed for one gender or another.
  2. There should be no enforced segregation by gender at events. Pre-allocation of seats by gender, and the use of stewards to direct persons attending a meeting to gender segregated seating are unacceptable.
  3. It is acceptable for individuals attending events to choose to sit with members of their own gender. If individuals attending an event wish to segregate themselves on a voluntary basis, it is not acceptable for other members of the audience to compel them to mix, and to do so may constitute harassment.
  4. Please see specific Access Information for Mully’s.