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Students’ Union UCL is a democratic organisation, in which decisions are made by students like you. Every student is automatically a member of the union. You can suggest ways to improve it, or stand for election to lead it.

So who’s in charge?

The Union is yours. It’s run by elected students, who are either full-time or part-time depending on their role. Twice a year, we hold elections that are open to all union members. All Union members have a vote.

Our elected students include seven Full-Time Officers, a team of Part-Time Officers, and representatives who are in charge of raising issues around academic study, diversity, inclusivity, accommodation, and student life.

Find out more about your elected Officers

How does change in the Union happen?

The Union holds regular meetings in which decisions are made on what it stands for, and what it should do next. You can influence these meetings, and help us set our direction for the future.

Find out about current policies

The most regular meetings are Union Council, in which elected student officers and reps debate issues affecting Students’ Union UCL. Any Union member can submit issues to be debated (we call these motions), but only elected representatives can vote.

Find out more about previous meetings and votes

General Assemblies enable all Union members to gather and address issues that affect students, education and wider society. Every Union member that attends can debate and vote.

Find out about past and upcoming events here

The Union also holds referenda, which is an online vote, where all Union members can vote on important issues.

Find out about recent referenda here

How do I influence the union?

We want your voice to be heard. If you want to make a change, you can either:

- Contact your representative

Stand for election

- Start a campaign

- Submit a motion

We are able to act for you on certain issues, or support you in starting your own campaign, motion or petition.

What does your Union believe?

Students’ Union UCL works with UCL senior management and students to ensure that our campus is a safe, open and exciting place. We also send delegates to the National Union of Students (NUS) conferences, where we can influence what it does and vote on wider issues.

Our stances on university and wider social issues are set by students, through motions that are submitted to meetings and councils.

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