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If you have any questions or concerns about your education at UCL, or want to make a change, contact one of our representatives. They can raise issues on your behalf, and pass on feedback.

Want to suggest a change?

If you have a suggestion about how UCL education could be improved, get in touch with our elected Education Officer. This officer leads a number of campaigns and can also work with senior management on a variety of issues.

Meet your Education Officer

Want to have your say, and stay informed?

If you want to give feedback about your department or pass on your opinions, you can contact one of our Academic Representatives. Every taught course has at least one Course Representative, and groups of research students are represented by Research Student Representatives.

Every department has a Lead Department Representative, and there is a Faculty Representative for each of the 11 faculties at UCL.

Together, these reps gather your opinions and communicate with the staff, at all levels, that can act on your feedback. These roles lead on representing your views at different levels of decision-ma

Find out more about Academic Reps

Looking for advice or support?

If you have had a bad educational experience, want to appeal a mark or make a complaint, you can reach our free, independent and impartial Advice Service. The Advice Service can handle disputes and complaints relating to education, housing, employment and other legal and university matters.

Learn more about the Advice Service