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Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Network

The Black and Minority Ethnic Network represents the views of students’ at UCL who self-define as BME, including but not limited to, students with African, Asian, Arab, Caribbean and Indigenous heritages. This involves meetings to discuss issues that affect the network, running of campaigns and projects, and attending socials.

How is it run?

The Network is chaired by the Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer, a full-time sabbatical officer. This year, the officer is Sandy Ogundele. The Officer attends council meetings and voices the concerns of BME students to UCL and the Union. The BME Network also has an elected committee. The role of this committee is to ensure the network is representative of its members.  

The Network holds regular meetings (known as forum meetings) throughout the year, allowing for full transparency and accountability and provide opportunities for motions to be taken to the Union Policy Zones. These meetings will be open for all BME students.

The network is governed by a constitution which offers further detail on how the BME Network is run.

How can I get more involved?

The BME Network is a dynamic Network and it is what you make of it. If you have any ideas for events, socials, campaigns, or anything else, come along to one of our meetings or get in touch. Our goal is to empower and enable students and therefore any time ideas are welcome. 

Current work includes:

  • BME Attainment Gap Project
  • DecoloniseUCL 
  • Eugenics Inquiry
  • Fighting for tailored quality welfare and pastoral care

We have a committee which aims to represent the student body - you could be to Social Secretary, LGBT Rep, Women’s Rep, etc.. You’re interested in being a committee member, let us know here!

Sign up to the BME Network mailing list to ensure you are always up-to-date about events and campaigns. 

What’s On?

You can find out about upcoming events at our What’s On pages


Contact Sandy:

0207 679 7392