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Do you want to talk about how your course is run? Or share experiences of inequality on campus and beyond?

Students’ Union UCL has several dedicated groups set up to discuss issues on campus. Find out more about them and how you can work together, below.

My education

Our academic representatives work with faculties and departments to share information and discuss changes to education on campus based on what you tell them are your priorities.

Find out more about representation in education here

My identity

Our university is a hugely diverse place, with people of all different backgrounds. Many of you self-define as part of one/multiple minority groups. Our liberation groups exist to give oppressed students a place to meet, collaborate, campaign against discrimination and stand together to defend their rights.

We want to make sure that every UCL student can enjoy their time here, free from oppression. Liberation campaigns exist to fight against discrimination and inequality, and work to defend the rights of students.

Find out more about your liberation groups here

My needs

Networks allow student officers to meet students and share information, as well as plan campaigns and debate changes to various aspects of student life.

Find out about them here