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We’re a bigger part of your university life than you think.

We’re not just about running the bars and cafes. We support more than 250 clubs and societies. We campaign for change on campus - we support you when you need help. And we help prepare you for life after university.

Here are just a few reasons why Students’ Union UCL is the organisation that can make more happen:

We’re your voice on campus

We’re a registered charity - run for you, by you. We’re led by seven full-time Sabbatical Officers, a group of students elected by you each year. Our decision-makers are students. They make sure your voice is heard by UCL senior management, in each faculty, and each academic department.

We give you the chance to influence UCL for the better, whether you’re pushing for a change in policy or a change in attitude.

Find out how to make a change

We bring people together

We make sure that every student has the chance to feel part of a community. We offer more than 250 clubs and societies, that can help you make friends and find new interests. We run bars, cafes and social spaces where you can meet and relax. Our events and activities allow you to discover your passions, and the people that share them.

Discover your student life

We’re here to support you

You don’t need to go through problems on your own. Whether you’re finding it hard to make friends, struggling with money or your studies, or dealing with personal issues, you can reach out to us. We can provide support and assistance - and stand up with you if something needs changing.

How we can help

We’re here to prepare you

Students’ Union UCL isn’t just about university. It’s also a place where you can learn about what comes next. Our JobShop provides advice on getting work during your studies, and we can also help you volunteer for good causes in the community. We also provide opportunities that can boost your employability, and help you think more about what you want to do.

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