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Policy Lead Officer Lapses
No Cuts to Democracy & Liberation: No Confidence Democracy & Communications Officer 05/12/2020
Accountability for Sabbatical Officers Democracy & Communications Officer 05/12/2020
People's Vote Democracy & Communications Officer 16/11/2020
Outsourced Workers Democracy & Communications Officer 31/10/2020
Mental Health Funding Welfare & International Officer 31/10/2020
Engagement Monitoring Welfare & International Officer 31/10/2020
Cut the Rent Democracy & Communications Officer 31/10/2020
Supporting Students in Sex Work Welfare & International Officer 28/05/2020
Opposing UCL's New Visa Regulations Postgraduate Students' Officer 28/05/2020
Union Race Audit and Departmental Equal Opportunity Liaison Officer (DEOLO) Black & Minority Ethnic Students' Officer 28/05/2020
Sabbatical Officers must have control over how their image is used and the narrative of the Union Black & Minority Ethnic Students' Officer 28/05/2020
Non-engagement with UCL Prevent Agenda and its Leads Black & Minority Ethnic Students' Officer 05/03/2020
UCL students have no confidence in the governance of UCL Democracy & Communications Officer 19/02/2020
Support the UCU Strike! Education & Campaigns Officer 19/02/2020
Opposing Attendance Monitoring: Referendum Education & Campaigns Officer 05/02/2020
Supporting Student Parents and Carers Postgraduate Students' Officer 05/02/2020
Fight pay inequality at UCL and support our staff Postgraduate Students' Officer 24/01/2020
The students’ union commits to direct action in the fight for mental health funding Welfare & International Officer 24/01/2020
Save our Societies: No Mandatory Online Elections Democracy & Communications Officer 24/01/2020
Fight Against Racism, Fascism and Apartheid Black & Minority Ethnic Students' Officer 22/11/2019
Opposing Hen Mazzig Event and Defending Students' Rights to Organies on Campus Black & Minority Ethnic Students' Officer 22/11/2019
UCL, Cut the Rent Democracy & Communications Officer 10/12/2019
Justice for University of London workers Democracy & Communications Officer 30/10/2020
This union supports the national demonstration: Free education now – tax the rich Education & Campaigns Officer 30/10/2019
Make next year’s NSS boycott even stronger Education & Campaigns Officer 05/06/2019