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We have big plans for Welcome 2018!  

London is made up of many diverse and vibrant communities - from the people you study with, to the people who live and work in its 32 boroughs.  We want to help you delve into those communities and volunteering is the perfect way to do just that!

It’s such a good opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds and really learn how to appreciate the things we take for granted. - Sarah Wong (IBSc Medical Anthropology)

Our events take place on and off campus - so take full advantage of the variety on offer!

One-Off Community Events

We’ve asked some of our partner organisations to host volunteering events that you can just sign up and turn up to.  If you’d prefer not to travel there alone, we will meet you on campus and go together!  You can take part in any of the following:

Taster Technology and Lunch with Henna Asian Women’s Group

Weeding Weedington with QCCA

Portacabin Paint Party with the Calthorpe Project

Canoe Clean-Up and BBQ with Canal & River Trust

There is a limited number of places at these events, so we advise early sign-ups!

On Campus and Volunteering Fairs

On 25 September, we’ll be in the Wilkins Terrace with our Wishing Washing Line.  Come and say hi, find out a little bit about what we do, and help answer some of the wishes of local communities!

We are also holding seven Volunteering Fairs throughout October and November.  These include a general fair, showcasing over 100 local community organisations, as well as five other fairs that focus on our most popular types of volunteering.  Themes include mental health, education, museums and heritage, sustainability and health!  These are a great way to start off your volunteering journey.

To hear all about our events and get all the latest updates, stay in touch

I think it’s just the feeling you get with volunteering, there’s nothing else you can really do to get that feeling. - Tara Nelson (BASc Arts and Sciences)