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Monday 20 July 202011.00

In these unprecedented times, clubs and societies are more important than ever! Next year is going to look different and this webinar is about your role in keeping communities connected, active and engaged.

We will provide you with details about what next term might look like, what the Union can do to support you and some tips for how to plan for next year with specific focus on:

  • Your role in the digital welcome fair and planning welcome events​
  • Our view about what the academic year might look like 
  •  Updates on union’s position and new processes and procedures​​​
  • What the role of clubs and societies this year will be and how you can make the most of it

All presidents and treasurers are encouraged to attend this session.

Please Join the teams meeting at 11:00 on 20/07/2020 HERE

Please help the session to run smoothly by turning cameras off and keeping volume on mute. If you have questions, please use the chat function; if there is time to cover these during the session we will, and if not, they will be picked up in a follow-up FAQ doc circulated to attendees.