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Saturday 18 July 202011.00

We are looking for a team of student volunteers to take part in a video to promote ACTSA’s Long Walk to Freedom 2020, taking place on Saturday 18 July.

On Saturday 18 July 2020 (Mandela Day), we are hosting ‘The Long Walk to Freedom’, a 4-mile solidarity walk through central London, ending with a celebratory rally at Trafalgar Square. We anticipate that the walk will be attended by hundreds of people. The walk will mark the 30th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison; celebrate the achievements of post-apartheid Southern Africa; highlight the various injustices that persist still across the region as well as similar injustices the around the world and call for solidarity.

The theme is inspired by Nelson Mandela’s award-winning autobiography, which bears the same title. We will re-enact, in a symbolic way, the struggle against injustice in Southern Africa by organising the endurance activity in London, which was the heart of the many Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) campaigns, including the ‘Free Mandela’ concert in Wembley on 11 June 1988, which was broadcast to 67 countries and an audience of 600 million.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to take a stand and show your support in raising awareness of various injustices in Southern Africa and around the world and we expect it will be a lot of fun. The video you will help create will be widely shared on our social media platforms and to our members and supporters and those of our official partners for the walk.

We are asking for a day’s commitment from you. We will provide you with a simple script and a special Long Walk to Freedom t-shirt, which you will be required to wear for the video.