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Leadership Race Results

The results of the Leadership Race are now live on our website! After a week of voting, we’ve had 9,473 voters, and 90,355 ballots - that’s a whopping 19.58% voter turnout - 60% higher than last year. This is the highest number of voters we’ve ever had, and the biggest Students’ Union election in the UK

Check out the election results here!

And have a look at the Voter Dashboard for more stats here… 

Congratulations to all the successful candidates, and thank you to you and all your members. Your nominations, campaigning and votes have contributed to this record breaking election.

We’ve had an outstanding turnout from our clubs and societies and we couldn’t be prouder. A special congraluations to the three groups with the highest voter turnout in the following three categories: 

Well done to Cricket Club (RUMS), Boat Club (RUMS) and Surgical Society on your incredible turnouts, and on winning £200 each!