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High-Performance Programme

TeamUCL High-Performance Programme is one of our vehicles to achieving our objective to become the best university for sport in London within the next 3 years. This objective is backed by Students’ Union UCL’s 2018-2021 strategy ‘125 and Beyond’. To help achieve this the union has invested in performance support including strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and facilities to improve our competition performance and student-athlete experience. We want our best athletes to reach their performance potential and maximize the success of TeamUCL.

High Performance Teams

UCL Sports Teams can apply to receive additional support to compete at the highest level of student sport within BUCS and national sporting competitions. Teams will be supported by professional coaching and sport development staff and have priority access to university facilities and services.

There are a number of pre-requisites for your first team to be considered in the high performance program for example;

  • League placing needs to be at a high level (e.g. Prem, Div 1)
  • A coach needs to be fully involved in the club philosophy, training and league expectations.
  • A high commitment to fixtures and training on and off the pitch/court.

A maximum number of High Performance Teams will be selected each year, based on a set performance criteria.

The award of High Performance Team status is based on sporting performance and the fulfilment of a set criteria on an annual basis. High Performance Teams are therefore considered and reviewed annually by the Team UCL Sports Development Team in line with Students’ Union UCL’s Strategy.

If you are a captain or president and would like to apply for the Performance Program please fill out our form here.

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