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The High Performance Programme supports sports teams across UCL who compete at the highest level in the domestic university sport programme, British Universities & Colleges Sport Leagues (BUCS). We offer additional strength and conditioning sessions, physiotherapy and access to performance nutrition workshops and mental skills workshops.


Here are our High Performance Teams 2020-2021;

Rowing, Men’s 1st Team

Badminton, Women’s 1st Team

Fencing, Men’s 1st Team

Tennis, Men’s and Women’s 1st Team

Horse Riding

Lacrosse, Women’s 1st Team

Hockey, Women’s 1st Team

RUMS Hockey, Women’s 1st Team

Netball, Women’s 1st Team

RUMS Netball, Women’s 1st Team

If you are a high performing athlete and would like to join one of our high performance teams please email