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When I started as a Sabbatical Officer on the 1st July 2019, I had absolutely NO idea what my time as your Democracy, Operations and Community Officer would be like. I began excited, passionate and determined to make a difference here at UCL, and I still am (with less than a month left)!

I became a sabb to make the student experience better at UCL (and to get more microwaves on campus). Through the last two years there has been a fundamental shift in how UCL considers the student experience and the vital role the Union has, and I eventually manged to get 4 new microwaves in Union spaces!

Over the past two years, I’ve worked on making things better for you. I’ve attended countless meetings, talked to so many people in and around UCL and tried to organise myself so that I could get the best for you, the students I work for. I’ve worked to make the Union more sustainable, by writing our first Sustainability Strategy and leading its implementation. Through many meetings with the Provost and the UCL accommodation team, I fought for the reinstatement Rent Guarantor Scheme and won, secured a more flexible break clause for residents of UCL halls and made sure that UCL offered rent holidays for students who were not using their rooms.

In April 2020, I started making ‘Weekly Update’ videos to keep you all in the loop with everything that was happening at UCL and in your Students’ Union through the pandemic (you can still watch all of them on our Facebook page). At the beginning of 2021, these update videos were then incorporated in the ‘Group Chat’ live broadcasts.

My favourite part of my time representing you has always been seeing the positive impact the Students’ Union and the Sabbatical Officers have on your experience at UCL As a team we’ve worked on many things we’re proud of: from working to make sure the pandemic doesn’t negatively harm your education to putting more Project Active sessions on for Postgrads - it’s been a busy year for us all.

Thank you to all of you, I would not have been able to do my job without all of you! Thank you for reading the newsletter, sending me emails, watching the Group Chat and engaging with all of the different things that the Students’ Union does.