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After 18 gruelling games, a fierce Varsity Series concluded with a dramatic final all or nothing game on Friday 4 June.

TeamUCL won 10 Varsity points to Kings’ 8 and were crowned Varsity Champions 2021.

The live broadcasts couldn’t have happened without the hard work and dedication of Film and TV Society and Rare FM - Thank you!

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WATCH AGAIN: Basketball


The London Varsity 2021 will be a fantastic showcase of some of our best Clubs at UCL, on and off the pitch. The participating Clubs were chosen based on the success of their events and their brilliant work towards our Development Awards over the past few years.

Tuesday 1 June


Women’s Basketball: starting at 17:30 (live streamed)

“We are READY for Varsity. The focus right now is on exams, but come June Kings better watch their backs. Varsity means everything to us as it’s our only and most important competitive game of the season! So lets hear a cheer for UCLWB and let’s secure that WIN!” (Eileen Hahn, Captain)

Men’s Basketball: starting at 19:30​ (live streamed)


Ultimate Frisbee: starting at 15:00

“With BUCS and LUSL cancelled, Varsity is one of the only opportunities we’ll have this year to play another team in a competitive setting. Unfortunately for our opponents, King’s, our Captains have not lost a single Varsity game to them in their whole university careers. We will ensure this does not change.”


Netball: starting at 16:00

“We’ve won the battle against Kings for the last three years, and hope to continue our streak this year. It’s one of the first years in which we haven’t played Kings before the Varsity event, so we’re looking forward to an exciting match!” (Immy Stringer, 1st Team Captain)

“This will be my 3rd and final Varsity match for UCL and I am very much looking forward to getting back out onto the court, securing the W against ‘Strand Poly’ and making sure London bleeds purple once again.” (Lottie Phillips, 1st Team Player)


Netball Medics: starting at 18:30

“I’ll say it again… last year we got our first win over GKT!! This was a few years in the making with each year results getting closer, so we hope this game will be as competitive as ever.” (Daniella Dungate, Captain)

Wednesday 2 June


Fencing: starting at 11:00 (live streamed)

“Competition and performance are of paramount importance to the UCL Fencing club. The fencers who will represent UCL at the upcoming Varsity match train hard to execute, perform, and test themselves in pressure environments. For the rest of the club, it will be an opportunity to cheer on their friends and enjoy the sport we all love.”


Football Medics: starting at 17:30


American Football: starting at 18:00

“We probably treat Varsity more important than the playoffs! It’s the epic finale to our season and honestly everyone is always so pumped when Varsity time is around. Nothing feels better than being the champs of London.” (Keenan Dieobi-Anene, Captain)


Hockey: starting at 18:00 (live streamed)

“Varsity means a lot to the club. It’s the biggest match of the year and the event all members are looking forward to. Every year it’s a tough match and its always hard to predict who’s going to win. We won last year, they won the year before and we won the year even before that. Hopefully, we can make it two in a row this year!” (Elliott Denis, 1s Captain)

Thursday 3 June


Men’s Lacrosse: starting at 12:00

“Varsity is the most important game of the year. It is a time where the whole club comes together to support and the team trains harder than ever. We’ve one varsity now FIVE YEARS IN A ROW. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been a struggle every year - King’s are as formidable as they are beatable.” (Hannan Saleem, Captain) 

Women’s Lacrosse: starting at 14:30

“Last year was an amazing match with a 23-2 win against Kings; the atmosphere was amazing, and it was a fantastic way to end such a successful season. This year varsity is a big one for all of us as we try and retain the title; clean sheet this year…?” (Olympia Vitalis, Captain)


Women’s Rugby: starting at 17:30 (live streamed)

Men’s Rugby: starting at 19:30 (live streamed)

Friday 4 June


RUMS Women’s Hockey: starting at 17:00

“Varsity is always a great opportunity to re-ignite our friendly rivalry with GKT and play what is always a really exciting game of hockey. We have won varsity four years in a row, with this year hoping to be the fifth!” (Elina, 1s Captain)

RUMS Men’s Hockey: starting at 19:00

“This group is fiercely determined to end our drought in the current series. The crowd will, of course, be sorely missed this year; however, we are excited that the game is being streamed live.  We relish the rivalry with GKT and enjoy the spirit, support and camaraderie that the Club brings to Varsity!” (Alessio Kenda, 1st XI Captain)


Women’s Football: starting at 18:00 (live streamed)

“Varsity is a meaningful tradition to UCLWFC because not only is football a passion to all of us, but we all support each other to be the best versions of ourselves. I am excited to lead the firsts with my co-captain to victory to maintain our current 5-0 win streak against KCL.” (Ghina Kheir, 1st Team Captain)

Men’s Football: starting at 20:00 (live streamed)

“University football does not get bigger than this. University College London vs. Kings College London. After the year we’ve had, there’s no doubt that we’re all looking forward to varsity. With a strong mix of experience coupled with some exciting young talent, it will be an honour to lead the team out one last time and I’m more than confident that we’ll be able to round off my three years at UCL with a win.” (Harry Smith, 1st Team Captain)

The UCL-KCL rivalry began nearly 200 hundred years ago when King’s College London, an Anglican college; a stark contrast to UCL’s secular mantra, was founded. The religious and national focused tone of these lyrics set to the English national anthem tune displayed KCL’s religious tenacity and was supposedly sung at UCL students:

King’s College lads arise!
New Universities
Shall quickly fall;
Confound their politics,
Frustrate their teaching tricks,
O, Church! on thee we fix,
Maintain us all.

UCL have responded in kind, but I think it best not to recant the lyrics, the general gist is clear.

This rivalry gradually moved away from denomination disagreements and became more a rivalry of class, with KCL being deemed the more ‘traditional’ and elitist institution, with UCL the liberal and more progressive institution.

Mutual rivalries inevitably lead to a sense of camaraderie among peers. KCL and UCL’s affiliation with their own colleges lead to the development of mascots: for Kings’ the red lion ‘Reggie’ and for UCL Jeremey Bentham and Phineas proved equally popular. Over the years respective mascots were allegedly stolen and returned in various states continuing the inter-college rivalry. UCL legend has it that Bentham’s head was stolen on a few occasions and held to ransom.

Varsity is now a far more sporting affair with UCL and KCL settling their differences on the pitch.


? 59-44  


? 96-44  


  ? 5-14


? 63-8



  ? 20-24


? 130-129  


  ? 124-127

FOOTBALL (MEDICS) - now on Friday

  ? 1-1 (Kings win pens)


? 145-53  


✔️ 6-1  


❤️ 10-8  


  ? 10-10 (10-11 AET)


? 49-7  


  ? 0-39


❤️ 2-1  


  ? 0-2


  ? 0-0 (Kings win pens)


? (4-2)