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Volunteering Service’s Student-Led Volunteering Programme

Below you will find links to important forms, guidance and policies as well as useful information that will help you with the management of your Student-Led Project.

Latest Project Leader Bulletin

This bulletin is for students currently undertaking a Project Leader role as part of the Student-Led Volunteering Programme.  Visit our webpages for information about how to get involved in the programme.

Project Leader Bulletin - August 2021
Project Leader Bulletin - September 2021

Getting Started

Project Leader Agreement
How to start a community project
How to start a project with your club or society


Aims, Outcomes and Activities
Planning your Evaluation - Measurement Tools
Risk Assessment Form - guidance
Risk Assessment Form
Template Risk Assessments
Project Planning and Budget Form
Project Planning and Budget Form - guidance
Contacting potential community partners
Partnership Agreement Form

Recruiting Volunteers

Recruitment and Selection of Volunteers
Disclosure and Barring Service checks 
Training and Inductions
Writing Volunteer Recruitment Adverts
A Guide to Volunteering Fairs

Managing Your Project

Accident and Emergency Procedure
UCL Incident Form 
Monthly Activity report
Booking a room
Booking an external speaker
Claiming expenses
Expenses form
Photo permission
Provision of food
Record of volunteering hours
Schools - Tips for working in schools
Schools - lesson plans
Tips for good meetings

Wrapping up

Wrapping Up - Intro
Handover & Evaluation Form
Planning your evaluation

Manuals & User Guides 

Volunteering Service Health and Safety Manual
SLP Webpage User Guide

Policies and Guidance

Child Safeguarding Policy
Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy
Working with Children, Young People and Schools Policy
Further Reading for Volunteering with Children Training